Celebs Dish on Their First Crushes: 9 Stars Getting Starstruck! (PHOTOS)

A lot of our first crushes came from the wild world of celebrity: Rider Strong, JTT, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all popular options. Heck, some of us even crushed on cartoon animals. No shame!

Celebrities, some of whom may have been first crushes themselves, have first celeb crushes of their own — it goes with that whole, you know being people too thing. While some of these are pretty garden-variety ;— The Hanson Brothers, co-stars, rock icons, movie stars a generation ahead of them ;— we have to warn you that things might get weird. For example: ;You'll never guess which super-hot actress had a crush on Abraham Lincoln!

Click through the gallery to see who your crushes are crushin' on! Who knows? You might end up having something in common... or a new ship to obsess over.