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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Celebrates 100 Episodes With “A’s” Return! (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars turns 100, bitches! It’s hard to believe that “A” has been terrorizing these teens for 100 episodes now, and it’s even harder to believe that we still don’t know who “A” is. Seriously girls, get it together!

On tonight’s 100th episode extravaganza, former dead girl Ali returns to Rosewood High, but it’s not all air kisses and lunch room gossip. Mona’s Army is out to make Ali’s life a living hell. And that’s what we call Karma. But when an old foe returns — aka “A” — Ali and the Liars are going to have more to worry about than Mona’s geek squad.

Pretty Little Liars’ 100th episode isn’t the only thing we’re OMG-ing about today. Jaden Smith turns 16, Kristen Bell is expecting baby no. 2, and Lucy Hale wrote a pretty little ditty about one of her co-stars — so scandalous!

Watch today’s installment of Ditch the DVR and sound off in the comments with what’s shocking you right now. Okay? Okay.