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$#*! Celebrities Buy — Beyonce Spent How Much Money on Blue Ivy’s Crib?! (VIDEO)

Let’s face it — we all like to splurge on a little something special once in a while. But when you’re Beyonce, Jay Z, or Kim Kardashian, indulgence is taken to a whole new level. So we took a look at some of the craziest and most luxurious purchases that celebs have made — from baby Blue Ivy’s lucite crib and gold rocking horse to mom Beyonce’s $100K gold Balenciaga leggings and $52,500 Louis Vuitton bag. One thing is for sure — these stars are serious about their splurges.

And it doesn’t end there. Victoria Beckham loves texting hubby David via her pricey $33K 24-karat gold iPhone. And if you thought your handbag was expensive, think again. Yeezy gifted Kim K one extravagant Christmas present — a custom-painted Birkin bag by artist George Condo. Estimated cost? $44,000. Even heart-throbber Justin Bieber got himself a nice little chain, costing him a cool $25,000.

Another thing stars love to spend their dough on? Automobiles. Nicki Minaj dropped $700,000 on a hot pink custom made Lamborghini Aventador, while Drake picked up a $3.4 million limited edition Bugatti Veyron. Reality star Scott Disick dropped an estimated $233,000 on his Ferrari 458 Italia, and then somewhere over $400,000 for his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. We bet Kourtney K doesn’t mind riding in either of those passenger seats.

And pop diva Mariah Carey gave hubby Nick Cannon a sweet $300,000 Ferrari. But don’t feel bad for Mimi, because her man returned the favor with a $12,000 custom necklace for Mother’s Day.

These are some seriously outrageous purchases, but we say if you got the dough, spend away!