These Celebrities Took Mom as Their Red Carpet Date! (VIDEO)

In most circles, taking your mom as your date isn’t exactly the coolest option. No offense to moms, of course; you all rock with your life-giving ways! It’s just, you know, not really en vogue.

Unless, of course, you live in Hollywood. There, some of the world’s biggest names have asked good ole Mom to walk the Red Carpet as their +1 for the evening. On that list are the likes of modern day Renaissance man Justin Timberlake and more seasoned star Bruce Willis. No matter how old or how famous they get, those guys will obviously always be the darlings of their mama’s eyes.

It’s not just guys who play the mom card, however. Miley Cyrus takes her mother Tish most everywhere while actress Eva Mendes has brought madre Caridad to some pretty ritzy events. But we’re guessing that was before Eva landed herself the golden goose himself, Ryan Gosling, who’s brought his own family along to the Academy Awards. Sister Mandi and mom Donna joined the Canadian cutie and the whole family looked great. Those Goslings have some mighty good genes.

The list goes on and on. Watch the video above to see who’s in the running for best of the year and keep your eyes peeled for some pretty great throwback photos of those famous faces.