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Celebrities With Mullets: Stars Who Kept the Party In the Back! (PHOTOS)

The mullet is perhaps our nation's most widely reviled, yet most misunderstood, haircut. In our modern times, the mullet came into vogue during the shag haircuts of the 1970s, although one only need look at the ;art of the ancient Greeks ;to know that business in the front and a party in the back is a time-honored tradition, fit for kings and gods.

Unless you're in Iran. The mullet is ;banned in Iran.

Many of our favorite stars fall into the age range between coming of age in the '80s, and being a child in the mid-'90s. This territory is rife with mullets, so some of the stars on the list had the cut as an adorable child or awkward teen. Some of the mullets are a little more recent than we would've expected, though!

Whether they're a famous mullet-haver, a former mullet-child, or Jared Leto, ;click on ;to see a grip of stars who have rocked the noble mullet. You're welcome.