Credit: Discovery Photo: Bering Sea Gold's Shawn Pomrenke

Shawn Pomrenke of Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice was busted for DUI in Nome, Alaska, TMZ reports.

Police told the site he was nabbed driving 102 MPH on the highway, changing lanes without signalling. When pulled over, he reportedly blew nearly twice the legal limit with a .156.

TMZ said he was also arrested for DUI last year after allegedly striking a pedestrian and fleeing. Shawn’s car was impounded because he had reportedly been ordered to not drive without an Ignition Interlock Device — a mechanism installed in a car's dashboard that works like a Breathalyzer — and he didn’t have one.

He was reportedly sentenced to 180 days but was released last week after serving less than two weeks.

According to his Discovery bio, Shawn is the co/owner of The Christine Rose and the Shamrock, the two high line dredges of Nome and BSG.

“A resident of Nome, Alaska, Shawn and his children are fixtures in town,” his bio reads. “He can be short tempered and combative with his father, and anyone else, for that matter. But beneath the rough and tough exterior, Shawn is a kind-hearted person and is considered one of the heroes of our show. Shawn and his father are the most established and well respected dredgers in Nome.”

Source: TMZ