Credit: Discovery Photo: John Schmucker of Discovery's Amish Mafia

The 10th time was not the charm for John Schmucker, star of the Discovery Channel series Amish Mafia.

According to Lancaster Online, John, 29, was sentenced to three months in jail for driving with a suspended license 10 times, with his most recent offense made this past December. He was also ordered to pay $1,000. (Just take a horse and buggy next time?)

John’s prison sentence is set to begin March 31, but his attorney is filing an appeal to request house arrest. “You should be punished for this type of conduct,” attorney Steven Breit said. "But, driving without a license is not the crime of the century. It’s being treated that way.”

Amish Mafia returns for Season 3 on February 25. Court officials told the local news site there was a TV production crew filming outside the courtroom. John is still a part of the show, his lawyer said, but it’s not clear yet how his sentence may affect filming.

John is described as a “henchman” of Amish Mafia boss Lebanon Levi, and John is also the brother of Esther Schmucker, who has been dealing with her own serious issues.

Do you think John deserves to spend three months in jail for driving with a suspended license? It sounds like the judge was trying to make a point, since John had done the same thing 10 times, as if the law didn’t apply to him. But still, many people commit worse crimes and aren’t sentenced to any jail time.

Source: Lancaster Online, RadarOnline, Discovery Channel