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Beauty can mean a lot of things — and not just beauty on the inside vs. the outside. It especially means a ton of things to our favorite celebrities, who, with all that money and fame, have a ton of beauty options on the table! Whether you're looking to replicate Beyonce's fresh-faced look or admire some before-and-after nosejob photos, Wetpaint Entertainment has you covered.

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Speaking of nose jobs, plastic surgery is certainly a hot topic when it comes to celebrity beauty. The Real Housewives franchise certainly has some notable surgically and non-surgically -enhanced stars, like Lisa Vanderpump and her "buckets of Botox" to fight off signs of aging and Jacqueline Laurita's record-breaking collection of procedures, including "botox, fillers, [and] fun stuff." It's not just Housewives that are attempting to reverse the aging process, either; Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch Bruce Jenner has had at least two facelifts.

Of course, it's not just anti-aging that keeps celebs at the doctor's office. Former teen bride and reality personality Courtney Stodden had her already ample bosom enhanced to a whopping DD size. Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey famously went under the knife to shrink her notable nose, a decision she ultimately regretted. After actor Mickey Rourke realized boxing was messing with his pretty face, he attempted to have it surgically corrected — but he says he "went to the wrong guy to put [his] face back together."

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Everyday beauty doesn't usually include drastic measures, though. Just like us, celebrities carefully choose the makeup that keeps them lookin' hot day in and day out — but unlike us, sometimes it comes with a sponsorship deal.

Katy Perry, for example, made her CoverGirl debut during the 2014 Grammy Awards! Carrie Underwood nabbed a deal as the face of Almay. Emma Stone shows off her bold lipstick looks while shilling for Revlon.

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