‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Fans Already Want Chad Johnson to Be Evicted
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Chad Johnson

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Fans Already Want Chad Johnson to Be Evicted


When Chad Johnson opted out of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, it was a start.

Then, the Bachelorette 2016 “villain” redeemed himself further by opening up about his mother’s death on Famously Single and even getting into a real relationship with model Zoe Baron.

Unfortunately, the redemption tour for Bad Chad appears to be over — and it’s all thanks to Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The soon-to-be 30-year-old entered the house on the British reality series on Tuesday, August 1.

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In a matter of hours, the Season 12 alum had caused so much drama, viewers were already calling for him to be evicted!

So what did he do?

Well, to start, he started appraising all of his female cast members’ looks before he even entered the house.

“On the outside looking in, I kind of saw their head shots, the people who I thought would be here,” he told the cameras.

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“Then you get here and you talk to them and it's like, I don't know which one to shoot for.”

He then added that he wouldn’t be “shooting for” the “old lady,” aka 62-year-old comedian Helen Lederer.

“Normally I just choose a girl based on who I think is hot, and I don't get to know the other ones,” he continued of his co-stars, including Mob Wives alum Marissa Jade, Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville, and more.

The Oklahoma native admitted, “But each of these girls is different in their own right and I'm down to date each of them.

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“According to everything that's happened so far I feel like every girl I've spoken to is pretty open to it. I haven't overtly hit on anybody … I'm interested in basically every girl here.”

The fitness buff further infuriated viewers when he said he had no competition from his male castmates.

“The guys in here are pretty cool,” he allowed, before changing his tune.

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“Maybe they like the other dudes but all I know is right now if you asked who has a better chance of getting a girl on a date it's me over everybody.”

The reality star then tried to insist he wasn’t “being cocky,” but didn’t do himself any favors later by jokingly asking for “eight morning after pills”!

Yes, really. Still, judging by the footage so far, the ladies are sort of feeling him in the house. The same can’t be said for Twitter, though.

Read on below for CBB fans’ reactions to the Chad Bear so far!

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 in the UK.