Celebrity Big Brother’s Evander Holyfield Is Sorry For Anti-Gay Comments, Also Punched Pregnant Horse
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Celebrity Big Brother’s Evander Holyfield Is Sorry For Anti-Gay Comments, Also Punched Pregnant Horse

Somebody needs to keep Evander Holyfield away from horses — and cameras.

The former world champion boxer, now 51, just got booted from Celebrity Big Brother 13 in the U.K.

He first raised eyebrows some with controversial comments about homosexuality — so he probably would've fit right in with this past summer's Big Brother 15 in the U.S.

Evander's comments came up during a conversation with fellow houseguest Luisa Zissman. She asked if any boxers had come out as gay, adding, "I think it’s really bad that no-one stands up and says it in the sporting industries. I think it’s good to be open about that because it’s normal."

Evander replied, "That ain’t normal!” He also compared being gay to having a twisted leg that you could go to the doctor and have fixed. Here’s more from him on that front.

After Evander was evicted on Friday, January 10, he said he regretted his remarks. "I am going to make a public apology about that because I am sorry for anybody I offended in that situation. ... I was telling one person my view. I do owe an apology for what I said because I really wasn’t talking and really wasn’t trying to talk about somebody, because I don’t talk about nobody. She asked me something and I thought I was sharing with her my view personally, and I forgot about everything."

That's one of the things you have to remember when you're on a show like Big Brother. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that your words will be heard and dissected by whoever is watching. Some people may agree with you, but others won’t.

It’s hard to imagine anyone would agree with punching a horse in the face — pregnant or not — but Evander admitted to that too. You can watch that scene below in TMZ’s clip.

The houseguests were discussing horses and Evander shared that he fell off a horse once. He was so mad at the horse for humiliating him that he punched her in the face. He didn't know at the time that the horse was pregnant. What he was doing on a pregnant horse is a mystery, but apparently he's willing to box horses when angry.

Maybe we can blame the loss of part of his ear when Mike Tyson bit it off. It's possible some good sense leaked out.

Evander — who also competed on the first season of Dancing With the Stars — was disappointed to be the first eviction of the season, telling Big Brother host Emma Willis, "I thought I'd be loved here, I thought I'd get more votes, but I didn't."

Sorry, man. Can't imagine what went wrong.

Sources: TMZ, Metro UK, The Guardian

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