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The Bruce Bogtrotter scene from Matilda still makes us nauseous, as much as we love chocolate cake! In the scene, Bruce, the titular character's classmate, is forced to eat an entire gigantic chocolate cake in front of the whole class as punishment for stealing a slice from the evil Miss Trunchbull.

Bruce was portrayed by then 12-year-old actor Jimmy Karz back in 1996, who also played the "Studliest Kid at the Bar Mitvah" in 1998's The Wedding Singer. You know, the tushie-grabbing one.

Now 29, he looks, to say the least, much different than he did in his Matilda days. How different? In a Neville Longbottom-like 180, he is super freaking fine.

Don't believe us? Here's what Jimmy Karz, now just Jim or James, looked like re-enacting the cake scene in a cast reunion, available on Matilda's blu-ray extras.

Credit: TriStar Pictures

Watch him re-enact the famous chocolate cake scene over at BuzzFeed!

For good measure, here's a photo taken from his MySpace in 2011:

Credit: MySpace Photo: Jimmy Karz in a 2011 MySpace Photo

Hubba hubba.

What is Jim up to now, besides hanging out with his former Matilda castmates? His IMDb profile ends in 1998 with a guest spot on ER, so he doesn't seem to be doing much acting work lately. According to his LinkedIn profile (which also lists him as working for Matilda as Bruce), he's in medical school, focusing on osteopathic medicine. Between undergrad and now, he was working as a research assistant and a tutor. Good for him!

Back in 2008, he joked to Adam Sandler that he's still in touch with Drew Barrymore, but he may have been kidding.

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