Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Vanessa Paradis at the Fading Gigolo Premiere in Toronto, Canada on September 7, 2013

Rumors are flying that Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Amber Heard are engaged. And now Johnny's ex of 14 years Vanessa Paradis cuts off all of her hair? We're intrigued.

Whether Vanessa's new super short hair has anything to, ahem, 'do, with the news of Johnny's relationship status, we do not know. However, we do know that the pixie hairdo is quite the change for Vanessa, who used to rock long dirty blond waves.

The French singer/actress was spotted out and about with her hairstylist John Nollet in Los Angeles, California on January 15, sporting her short and curly look after having lunch at Aroma Cafe. She even managed to flip the bird to the paparazzi on her way out. Hey, it goes with her edgy new style.

What do you think of Vanessa's short haircut? Are you over the Hollywood hair chop trend or are you into it? Sound off!

Credit: Splash News Photo: Vanessa Paradis in Los Angeles, California on January 15, 2014