Celebrity Breakups

Looking for news of celebrity breakups and makeups? Want all the latest shocking gossip on what famous folks are headed to Splitsville? We’ve got you covered.

Bye, bye! Taylor Swift Is Never Ever Getting Back Together With These 5 Famous Exes (PHOTOS)

True love is damn hard to find! Especially when you’re living under the our fame-obsessed culture’s microscope. Just ask the celebs we’re covering here. They’ve all endured splits recently in their romantic pursuits.

Most of the time, it’s really brutal to hear that a celeb relationship has hit the skids. (Other times, it’s a cause for jubilation. On an unrelated note, what are your thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown?)

Sometimes celebrity breakups kill us. We wept for days — or, at least, felt a tinge of sadness for days — when Hollywood’s funniest couple, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, called it quits. And Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, you really couldn’t make it work?

And sometimes, news of a split just doesn’t surprise us at all. Did you really think you could get away with smooching another man, Kristen Stewart? Luckily for you, Robert is a forgiving dude! And Justin Bieber, did you Beliebe that you were a one-woman and could stay with Selena Gomez at your young age?

And do you know how to find true love? Don’t appear on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, for starters. The number of former Bachelor and Bachelorettes who are still with their seasons’ winners is far fewer than the number who have dumped or been dumped. (We bet the runners-up are feeling pretty smug right about now!)

Oh, and maybe don’t date Taylor Swift right now. Our homegirl is going through a serial-monogamist phase right now, we suspect.

So enjoy reading about these celebs who are “never ever getting back together,” you sadists! (We say that with love, naturally.)


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