Burn Notice star Seth Peterson is getting a divorce notice — his wife of 12 years, Kylee Cochran, just submitted paperwork to a Los Angeles court to terminate their marriage over irreconcilable differences, as TMZ reports.

Kylee, 39, makes some incendiary claims in the divorce — saying, for example, that Seth left her for a 22-year-old woman in September, when Kylee was three months pregnant.

Now she's seven months into the pregnancy and seeking full custody of their kids — 8-year-old daughter Fenix and 5-year-old son Lennon. As TMZ touts, Kylee asserts that she has Seth's permission for physical and legal custody of their brood.

She also claims that Seth has a history with drug abuse and is thus only open to him having rights to supervised visitation.

Seth and Kylee are both actors. They met when she guest-starred on his first show, the NBC family drama Providence. Then, when he played the brother of the protagonist on USA's hit spy show Burn Notice, she played his character's blackjack-dealing Vegas bride.

Seth has also appeared in Godzilla, Can't Hardly Wait, and The Shield. And Kylee has had roles in 7th Heaven, ER, and House.

Hopefully they can reach an amicable arrangement, if only for their kids!

Source: TMZ

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