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Celebrity Bridesmaids: Stars in the Wedding Party (PHOTOS)

Celebs, they're just like us: Sometimes, they don a bridesmaid's dress and attempt to fade into a bridal party. They're also not at all just like us: They always look freaking fantastic in their dresses.

Whether they're attending a family wedding or the big marital blowout of a fellow celeb, whether the photos ended up on a magazine cover or just on Instagram, celebs often take up a spot in the wedding party.

Jennifer Lawrence's sneaky little face on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings reminded us of all the other celebs who had a sweet moment out of the spotlight on a friend's special day… although they kind of ended up in the spotlight, anyway. Good luck not upstaging the bride when you're Selena Gomez, right?!

From Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel, click through to see special days shared with celebs — in gowns of all shapes and sizes.