7 Celebrities Whose Partners Are Basically the Same Age as Their Kids
Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble arriving at Cecconis in Los Angeles
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7 Celebrities Whose Partners Are Basically the Same Age as Their Kids


You know what they say: age is just a number — especially when it comes to these 25+ year age gaps in Hollywood!

Tons of A-listers — and "regular people," for that matter — date others who are much younger or older than them. And hey, more power to them!

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But what makes this group of celebs different is their partners are so much younger, that they're basically the same age as their kids. In some cases — ahem, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble — the kids may even be older than the significant other!

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Scroll down for 7 celebs whose special someones are around the same age as their kids.

Kelsey Grammer, 60, Married to Kayte Walsh, 35

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Kelsey has a 32-year-old daughter named Spencer (right) with first wife Doreen Alderman. The math is easy on this one — that's just 3 years younger than his current wife.

Kris Jenner, 60, Dating Corey Gamble, 35

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We'd say Keeping Up With the Kardashians momager Kris definitely qualifies as a cougar. Her boyfriend Corey is the same age as Kim Kardashian, a year younger than Kourtney Kardashian, and 4 years older than Khloe Kardashian.

Rowan Atkinson, 60, Dating Louise Ford, 32

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Mr. Bean has a son, 23-year-old Benjamin, with former wife Sunetra. That's only a 9 year age difference between his child and new love!

Madonna Was 55 When Dating Timor Steffens, Then 26

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Madonna, now 57, is no stranger to going for younger men. She and Timor — who had a 30 year age gap between them — broke up when she was 55 and he was 26. That's about a 9 year age difference with Madonna's daughter Lourdes, whom she had with former partner Carlos Leon.

Mohamed Hadid, 67, Engaged to Shiva Safai, 30s

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Mohamed's daughter Alana (right) with first wife Mary Butler is in her mid-30s, around the same age as his fiancée Shiva.

Robin Wright, 49, Was Engaged to Ben Foster, 35

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Robin's former fiancé Ben is only 9 years older than her daughter Dylan, 24.

Ryan Phillippe, 41, Engaged to Paulina Slagter, 24

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Ryan has a 16-year-old daughter Ava (right) with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. His new fiancée is 24. We wonder if these two will be besties?