We’ve had a crush on Chris Pine ever since we saw the actor in 2004’s The Princess Diaries 2. (Yeah, we saw it. Don’t judge us.) So you can imagine our envy when we saw the 33-year-old hunk kissing an identified blonde in Paris earlier this week.

Following a two-year relationship with Dominique Piek and a brief romance with model Amanda Frances, Chris was photographed for the first time with his new ladylove on Monday, November 11. After enjoying a day of sightseeing around the City of Light, the lovebirds were caught making out over drinks at a local cafe.

Naturally, we had to learn everything there was to know about the woman who stole our boyfriend Chris from under our noses. Now thankfully, her identity has been revealed!

According to the News of Iceland, the Star Trek actor has been shacking up with Icelandic beauty queen Íris Björk Jóhannesdóttir. While there’s no word yet on how the attractive twosome met, we do know that the gorgeous blonde is 23-years-old and won the Miss Reykjavík beauty pageant back in 2010.

In May, a then-single Chris was asked to reveal what he looks for in a woman. “Anything that a normal man would be looking for,” he explained to Ellen Degeneres. “Intelligence, beauty, and a sense of humor. You have to be able to carry on conversation. After the lust dies down, there has to be the thing that engages you.”

Well, one thing’s for sure — the lust clearly hasn’t died down yet!

Source: News of Iceland