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Celebrity Couple Tattoos: You’ll Always Be a Part of Me (PHOTOS)

Sometimes in the crazy world of celebrity gossip, one can't be 100% sure of a couple's commitment to each other. But there's one sign of a couple that's crazy about each other that we can't ignore — couple tattoos. It means that they're either super-twitterpated… or they got super-drunk together. Either way, there's a lasting bond there.

As with regular couples, sometimes getting matching (or complementary) ink works out… and other times, it doesn't. The couples that made this gallery are no exception, ranging from solid couples like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon to the unforgettable lovey-dovey trainwreck that was Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. (The latter pair got matching dice. That's so them!) Some, we're not so sure about — like Jay Z and Beyonce.But hey, no big deal! These stars likely have access to the best removal services possible… right?

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