Credit: Twitter

Rapper Rich Homie Quan was performing "Type of Way" at the Red Zone bar in Columbus, Ohio late night/early a.m. Sunday, December 22 when shots were fired. According to The Columbus Disptach, Jeremiah I. Frazier, age 24, was shot, transported to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

HipHop DX has footage from the concert and you can actually hear shots fired and the ensuing chaos.

It’s not clear what happened or why, but Rich Homie Quan talked to TMZ about the incident. "It’s sad to hear that someone died especially during the holiday season. I just want everybody to know me nor anybody in my crew or affiliation had anything to do with the shooting in Ohio." He also said they'd be reaching out to the family of the deceased.

In the video you can actually hear someone say "not again." There was another shooting the last time the rapper played at the Red Zone, back on November 9. According to the Dispatch, "Red Zone has had 20 cases of underage drinking, in addition to the November shooting. Police and fire reported 100 calls for service to the nightclub." City officials want to strip the place of its liquor license, but that will be decided by the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

Our condolences to Jeremiah Frazier's family. Twenty-four is much too young to go.

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