Credit: Wikipedia Photo: Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

It's only been a day since Robin Williams passed away, and already there is more sad news coming out of Hollywood. Lauren Bacall, an actress from the golden age of Hollywood died Tuesday in New York at the age of 89.

The New York Times is reporting her death was confirmed by her son Stephen Bogart.

"Her life speaks for itself," Stephen said in a statement. "She lived a wonderful live, a magical life."

Lauren Bacall was known for her seductive, low voice and came to notoriety after starring in her first movie, Howard Hawks's adaptation of To Have and Have Not — based on the Hemingway novel of the same name. In the movie she starred alongside Humphrey Bogart, who later became her husband after a romance on the set.

Lauren went on to star in more than 40 films after that, including The Big Sleep, Murder on the Orient Express, How to Marry a Millionaire — and more recently, Dogville and Manderlay

Lauren received an honorary Academy Award in 2009, which recognized her and her place in the Golden Age of movies.

"You just learn to cope with whatever you have to cope with," Lauren said in 1996. "I spend my childhood in New York, riding on subways and buses. And you know what you learn if you're a New Yorker? The world doesn't owe you a damn thing."

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Source: The New York Times

Credit: NDN Photo: Lauren Bacall Dies at Age 89 (VIDEO)