Happy National “Brownie\
Celebrity Girl Scouts, Mariah Carey
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Happy National “Brownie” Day! — 13 Celebrity Girl Scouts


It’s National Brownie Day today, December 8. But instead of gorging ourselves with cakey, fudgey goodness like we usually do on this day, we’re celebrating Brownies and other Girl Scouts members.

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Here are 13 famous women who were Girl Scouts in their youths.

Mariah Carey

We know — it’s funny to think about this divalicious pop star humbly selling Girl Scout Cookies outside a grocery store, but such a thing might have happened.

Taylor Swift

We wonder if little Girl Scout Taylor imagined she’d be so famous in her “Wildest Dreams.”

Carrie Fisher

This Star Wars veteran’s involvement with the organization proves you can go from Girl Scout to intergalactic princess.

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Queen Elizabeth II

OK, forget princess — If you’re born into the right family, you can become queen!

In her childhood, this monarch had a special Buckingham Palace troop started so that she could be a Girl Guide.

Queen Latifah

Here we have another Queen! Long before she presided over Emerald City in The Wiz Live!, Ms. Latifah wore an emerald-colored vest.

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Michelle Obama

Perhaps this First Lady’s dedication to nutrition and exercise advocacy stems from her Girl Scout beginnings.

Venus Williams

Any aspiring athlete in the Girl Scouts needs only to look up to this tennis star, a seven-time Grand Slam titlist.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner

Long before getting all entrepreneurial with Goop, Gwyneth was a Girl Scout, just like famous mama Blythe.

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Dakota Fanning

This SAG Award nominee wore her full Girl Scout uniform to the 2005 premiere of her movie Dreamer.

Abigail Breslin and Keke Palmer

Abigail also donned her sash for one of her premieres — her 2008 movie Nim’s Island — years before joining another Girl Scout, Keke Palmer, in Scream Queens.

Reese Witherspoon

You gotta wonder if Reese’s time hiking in Wild brought back any memories of her Girl Scout days!

We hope these famous gals are still “doing a good turn daily.” (Especially you, Elusive Chanteuse!)