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Hot Celebrity Guys With Their Moms: The Cutest Red Carpet Photos

What’s hotter than a sweet, celebrity stud? A hot, Hollywood guy that loves his mom, of course! You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his mom, and these guys give their mamas the red carpet treatment. Since these are all talented celebs attending their movie premieres and award shows, it only makes sense to share the success with the lady that started it all! (Plus, the moms all look so proud.)

Dudes are never cuter than when they're on a date with their moms! Since it's Mother's Day, let's reflect on the wonderful women who brought our favorite guys into the world. We've collected some of the sweetest red carpet mother/son bonding moments, from Ryan Gosling to Nick Cannon to Jared Leto. More than one of these studs even brought their mom to the Academy Awards!

Then look through this gallery of adorable pictures of hunks with ;their ;moms. ;We have melted into little, quivering puddles. ;They’re all so goshdarned cute!