Credit: Instagram

It's official: Purple doesn't only look good on Prince. Indeed, Nicole Richie has shocked us all this week by trying out purple hair  so what do you think of her dramatic change? 

On March 3, Nicole posted a photo to Instagram of herself with newly purple locks. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the pic, but the 'do certainly took us by surprise.

"About last night...," she captions the pic. We're not sure if this caption is supposed to be a reference to the current Kevin Hart film, About Last Night, but we're guessing it just refers to when she dyed her hair. 

So what do you think of her coif? We think the new hue definitely suits her, although she would look amazing no matter how she wears her hair. We also love her earrings and beautiful gown in the photo. All in all, the shot is amazing!

Nicole appears to be a fan of colorful hairstyles. On Valentine's Day, hubby Joel Madden posted a pic of Nicole kissing him on the cheek while she wears an orange wig. And we must say, she looked great in that pic, too! The woman never takes a bad picture.

What do you think of Nicole's purple hair?

Source: Nicole on Instagram