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Hot Celebrity Guys With Dogs: It’s Puppy Love! (PHOTOS)

It doesn't take a whole lot to make us think about how hot some dudes are and how ;freaking adorable ;puppies are. We check out enough photos of both to know that together, they're an unbeatable combination! Take a hot guy, add a cute puppy, and we're absolutely helpless. From Olympian Gus Kenworthy adopting a litter of puppies to Taye Diggs literally ;reading to dogs ;as if they were children at a library, we can't get enough of these cute dudes with cute dogs... and what better time than National Dog Day to appreciate this oh-so-perfect pairing?

The only thing sexier than a hot male celeb is a photo of a male celeb that loves animals, are we right? Nothing like a smoking-hot stud with an adorable animal buddy to make us go "oooh!" and "awww." Fortunately, our favorite celebrity dudes seem more than happy to make our puppy-love dreams come true. Enjoy this gallery of hot men and hanging out with man's best friend!