We all know that celebrities pretty much think paparazzi are the worst. When you’re famous, they follow you everywhere. To the grocery store. To your kids’ school. Wherever. They carry huge cameras, drive poorly, and like to yell things at you in order to get your attention.

Let’s be real: They only make money if they get a picture of your face. And you’ll probably only look at them if they’re talking to/yelling at you. It can get frustrating. So much that you might just want to lift your middle finger and flip the bird.

Plenty of celebs do it. But when Matthew Broderick flipped off a photographer in NYC on November 7, the rude gesture was made in full view of his twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, who are just four years old.

Tabitha is out of frame in this particular photo, but little Marion can be seen looking directly at her dad while he flips off the pap. Matthew was in the middle of taking his daughters to school, accompanied by a nanny, and he does not seem pleased to have the uninvited visitors capturing their every move.

But when you have twins as adorable as Tabitha and Marion — and when their mother is Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker — people are going to want to see photos. And that means paparazzi will follow you.

Are you shocked by Matthew’s rude gesture, or do you kind of get where he’s coming from? Head below and let us know what you think.