Hilary Duff’s little son, Luca, is adorable. And the singer/former Disney star loves being a mom. But does this mean that Hil, 26, is actively trying to get pregnant again? Not so fast.

The singer recently told People that she “would be happy” if she had another boy, but that she “would like to try for a girl,” too. Hilary never said that she and hubby Mike Comrie were trying to have kids. She was just speculating about what she might want in the future.

Credit: Hilary Duff on Twitter

But countless sites and gossip blogs picked up with the story, and soon, Hilary’s quotes were being presented in a way that the pop star did not like at all. She took to Twitter to vent.

“I love that I do an interview and people ask if I want more kids. I say yes. Not now though and all of a sudden I'm ‘trying’ for a girl. WHAT?” she wrote.

“It's ridiculous....” she added, “The only baby I'm working on is my album.” You hear that, internet? Hilary Duff is not trying to get pregnant.

And in other news, Hil’s back in the studio making music? We love this. Thanks to Twitter, we already know that one of the songs on Hilary’s upcoming album will be titled, “Outlaw.”

Clearly, the singer is hard at work on her new baby. As for actual human offspring, there definitely could be some in Hilary’s future. Just not right now.

Source: People, Hilary Duff on Twitter