Credit: Instagram Photo: Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Baby Bump on November 13, 2013

Former star and resident villain on The Hills Kristin Cavallari recently announced her second pregnancy with husband Jay Cutler — baby number two is officially on the way, and 1-year-old Camden is about to be a big brother!

Kristin, who’s already four months along, sat down with E! News Wednesday to talk pregnancy, cravings, and how Camden will take the news of a baby brother or sister when he or she finally arrives — who, Kristin said, “will probably be really happy” once he’s used to the idea.

“Both pregnancies have been really easy for me. I’m just really tired,” Kristin shared. “It’s just one of those things where I could literally sleep all day every day but I’m snapping out of it a little bit now that I’m in my second trimester.”

And when the cravings hit, Kristin’s all about the sugar.

“My husband had to cut me off of sugar because I broke out the worst I’ve ever broke out my entire life, so I basically poisoned myself,” the 26-year-old mom admitted. “My body was in shock, but I had that with Camden as well.”

And now for the big question: is Kristin hoping for a girl or a boy?

“Another boy would be fun,” Kristin said. “Cam would have a little buddy and then I’d be the woman of the house. But of course I want a little girl, so I don’t know. Either one would be great.”

Source: E! Online