Madonna’s little boy is growing up into quite the dashing young man. Then again, his parents are The Queen of Pop and British director Guy Ritchie, so was there really even a question in the first place?

Rocco Ritchie, born in 2000, has now officially entered his teenage years. And by the looks of his Instagram, the celebrity teen is embracing his youth as much as possible. Earlier this week, Rocco, 13, posted photos of himself dancing with friends.

He’s wearing a button-down white shirt with the collar popped — very stylish — and his hair is expertly coiffed. Rocco looks like he’s already a little heartbreaker. Well, if it wasn’t for that one lady trying to cramp his style.

“Photobomb much @madonna” he wrote alongside one photo. Ugh. Moms can be such a pain sometimes, are we right?!

The look on Rocco’s face is clearly displeased, but his doting mother couldn’t care less. She’s looking glam and gorgeous as ever, and dancing right alongside her son. Hey, but we guess when you're 13 years old, even a cool mom is still, at the end of the day, a mom.

Elsewhere on Rocco’s Instagram are photos and videos of him diving into pools, snowboarding, and taking part in the French discipline of parkour, a unique version of obstacle course training. Sounds like quite the busy and exciting life!

Source: Rocco Ritchie on Instagram

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