Her X-Men character, Storm, has a body that defies nature. As it turns out, so does actress Halle Berry! The 47-year-old actress gave birth to son Maceo, just two months ago, and she already appears to be back to her svelte, pre-baby figure.

Yes, really. Us Weekly has the photo, and though you can’t see all of Halle’s figure clearly, it’s easy to tell that the vast majority of her pregnancy weight is gone. Vanished. See the photo on Us Weekly.

The new mom — who, not long ago, was sporting a sizable baby bump — is wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized top. Though it’s possible she might be hiding a bit of a baby bump under that jacket, it’s probably not much. Her face and the rest of her figure look remarkably slim and petite. Honestly, we’re at a complete loss for how she managed to drop the weight so quickly.

Halle’s son was born on October 5, and his name, Maceo, means “Gift of God.” Maceo is Halle’s first child with her husband of five months, Olivier Martinez. She also has a daughter, Nahla, 5, with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

While we’re impressed Halle’s ability to shed pounds so quickly, her case is definitely not the norm. New mom Kim Kardashian has been vocal about how difficult it was for her to drop her baby weight in a handful of months. What’s the rush? Does this really have to turn into some sort of a competition?

Source: Us Weekly