We first heard last week the heartbreaking news that Jen Arnold of TLC’s The Little Couple is battling cancer. Jen and her husband, Bill Klein, have both thanked fans for their support. Now, Jen is opening up with more details about her diagnosis.

It all started just a few months ago, when Jen and Bill were in India to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey, 2. Their son, Will, 3, adopted from China earlier this year, was with them. Suddenly, Jen began bleeding, and ultimately decided to return home to Houston while Bill finished the adoption paperwork.

"My initial thoughts were all about Zoey," she says. "But then the bleeding got worse and I was feeling light-headed. It was a hard decision, but I had to go home."

Once back in the States, Jen was diagnosed with stage 3 choriocarcinoma, a rare cancer that began with her non-viable pregnancy this September. (She had been pregnant, but the embryo had no heartbeat.)

"The one time I get pregnant," she says, "I get cancer."

Jen ultimately underwent a hysterectomy, something her doctors initially tried to avoid since Jen has had difficulties with surgeries in the past. “We felt we had no choice,” says her doctor, Concepcion R. Diaz-Arrastia of Baylor College of Medicine’s Director of Gynecology Oncology. “The disease was not responding to chemotherapy. We had to do this in order to save her life."

Jen’s fight against cancer will be shown in future episodes of The Little Couple. Our thoughts are with her entire family during this difficult time.

Source: People