Credit: Instagram Photo: Fergie Shares Photo of Axl Jack on Christmas Eve

How can you not have a jolly holiday when looking at this face?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are enjoying their first Christmas with 4-month-old Axl Jack, and Mom shared this photo on Instagram on Christmas Eve.

"Have a Jolly Holiday!" she wrote.

Look at those twinkling eyes! He does look like a good cross between his singer mom and his actor dad — and maybe he'll end up as talented and charming as his parents too.

In early December, Josh told E! News they had simple plans for Axl's first Christmas. "We're home, just family around here. My mother is out here right now. My sister is coming out next week. Other than that we're just going to stick around here."

Dad also said he's looking forward to more Christmases with Axl, as he grows to understand what's actually happening. "I can't wait for him to tear through gifts. It won't be this year."

Just a couple of weeks ago, Axl was baptized in Brentwood, CA, and a witness said he was very calm and didn't cry at all. He seems like one of those happy, chill babies. (Cue Axl Rose singing "Sweet Child O' Mine")

Merry first Christmas to the Duhamel fam!

Sources: Instagram, E! News