First Lady Michelle Obama hosted her 50th birthday party on January 18 and Beyoncé and Jay Z were among the select guests luckily enough to get an invite. The music power couple also brought along their daughter, Blue Ivy, 2 — who celebrated her own birthday just 11 days prior.

Now, Beyoncé has shared a number of photos from the event on her personal Tumblr, and there’s one in particular of little Blue that melts our hearts.

In the photo, Blue is seen greeting the Obama’s dog, Sunny. The precious pic is a bit out of focus — protective mama Bey is often reluctant to display her daughter’s face in photos — but it’s totally clear how charming and adorable this photo is.

Wearing a cute headband, black shoes, and a white dress with a puffy, ballerina-like skirt, Blue is bending down to chat with Sunny, the Portuguese Water Dog the Obamas adopted this summer so their longtime companion Bo could have a playmate.

In another photo, Blue is seen holding her mother’s hand as the Carters take in their gorgeous surroundings at the White House. Bey and Jay are both dressed in classy black attire, while Blue is the picture of youth and innocence in her snowflake-inspired ensemble.

These photos are just further proof that Beyoncé and her family are pretty much the most perfect human beings on the planet. Not like we didn’t know that already. But still.

SourceBeyoncé on Tumblr