Credit: Instagram Photo: Jessica Simpson on a Walk With Maxwell

Since Jessica Simpson is “too proud to sit down,” we’re not surprised that she was most recently found on a walk in the park with her daughter, Maxwell. If only we looked this good while getting exercise!

Jessica shared a photo on Instagram Monday of Mom and daughter “chasing shadows” together on a gorgeous day. Jessica’s all-black workout outfit seriously shows off all the weight she’s lost post-baby — she’s practically a living advertisement for Weight Watchers, which she famously endorses.

So how did Jessica do it? She credits the help of a personal trainer several days a week, plus a healthy diet, of course. And, as Jess says, “Kids can keep your metabolism going.” Between chasing after Maxwell and taking care of baby Ace, we believe her!

But forget Jessica’s new body (as hard as it may be) and focus on Maxwell. At just shy of two years old, she is literally the most adorable toddler we’ve ever seen — and her little brother, the 6-month-old Ace, is not far behind. We already know these kids are going to be knock-outs when they get older! 

Call us to baby-sit anytime — maybe it will boost our metabolism, too!

Source: Instagram