Tootie from the ‘80s hit Facts of Life’s is all grown up! And she’s now a mom of two. And she’s blonde! We learned back in December that Kim Fields, the actress who played the precocious Facts of Life character, had welcomed her second son, Quincy Xavier.

Now, Kim has taken to Twitter to share the first photos of her adorable little baby. The 44-year-old actress recently tweeted photos of her baby boy from a February family vacation. In the first photo, Quincy is seen resting comfortably in his stroller and wearing a big hat, while his older brother, Sebastian, 6, stands next to him with a big grin.

Kim’s smiling on the other side of the stroller, and showing off a short and fun blonde hairdo. “I adore being a mom of boys!!! Thx hubby for a great pic!” she tweeted.

Her hubby, Broadway actor Christopher Morgan, handed off the camera so he could join his fam in the next photo. All four members of the Morgan clan are seen posing in their safari-themed gear. Little Quincy’s hat is off this time, revealing a head full of adorable curls. Oh, and his pants have a giant monkey face right over the butt, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Congrats to the happy family! It looks like their group vacation was quite the wild trip!

Source: Kim Fields on Twitter