Credit: Bindi Irwin on Instagram

Since the tragic death of Steve Irwin back in 2006, the entire Irwin family has continued Steve’s awesome legacy of wildlife conservation. And slowly his daughter Bindi has taken center stage. The 15-year-old is showing the world that she is ready to step into her father’s mammoth shoes.

First thing’s first: The young breathtaking beauty has been posting picture after picture of herself on Instagram, cuddling with koalas and posing with parrots. While most of the time she dons her family’s typical khaki uniform, we’ve begun to see a more casual side of the Australian teen.

Credit: Bindi Irwin on Instagram

One of her most recent photos shows Bindi all bundled up against the NYC freeze with the caption, “New York was cold and beautiful.” The black ensemble made Bindi look incredibly grown up. That is, before you play one of the jubilant teen’s many Instagram videos and discover that she’s just a bubbly girl obsessed with H&M like the rest of us!

Bindi really is taking over her late father’s role, appearing on multiple talk shows, walking red carpets, and sharing one of the most important pieces of advice she says she ever received from her dad: “Treat animals the way you want to be treated.” 

Bindi is such an inspiration and we know, without a doubt, that she would have made her father proud.

SourceBindi Irwin on Instagram