Believe it or not, Nelly's daughter Chanel just turned 20 on February 27 and looking at her plethora of Instagram pics, we can see she takes after her daddy in her love for parties and style. Of course, you may already have picked up on that from her glam outfits when she joins her 39-year-old dad on the red carpet for various music events.

Credit: Chanel Hayes on Instagram

Chanel really turned her birthday night up in a pair of mile high heels accompanied by some interesting leather leg pieces and matching booty shorts. Just hours earlier she was looking sweet and simple in an adorable floral halter dress and strappy heels.

The party girl made no attempt to hide her excitement for her big night, posting several memes reminding her followers how many days and hours were left until she exited her teen years. She even posted the address of the club at which her big bash was held. A true party animal just like Dad!

This lady really explores the spectrum of style but always with a fresh face and a smile. Happy belated birthday to you, girl! We wonder what Dad got you as a gift...

Source: Chanel Hayes on Instagram