Credit: John Sciulli

Tyler Perry’s new movie hit theaters on March 14 and, not surprisingly, not everyone’s a fan of the Single Moms Club. Tyler says he’s actually been called out for “glorifying single moms.”

Kinda shocking, right? We thought so too, which is what makes Tyler’s articulate rebuttal to those negative Nellies such a welcome relief. After a disconcerting interview with a reporter who asked why Tyler’s turned the spotlight on single moms, Tyler took to his personal website to share his feels.

“I explained to [the reporter] that single moms need to be celebrated, not ostracized,” the 44-year-old entertainment whiz wrote. “Most single moms are not that way by choice.”

Tyler’s got first-hand experience in the matter, pointing to his Aunt Jerry “who raised four boys by herself” and “never complained and never asked for handouts. She did what she had to do.”

So why hate on ladies who are just trying to make the most for their kids and themselves? “I know so many people who were raised by single moms and I know a lot of single moms,” Tyler continues. “It’s the hardest job in the world when you do it right.”

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