Credit: Hilary Duff on Instagram

We knew Hilary Duff would make it through her recent separation from her retired NHL husband Mike Comrie, and it’s likely been the strength and love of her young son and birthday boy, Luca Cruz, guiding her.

The 26-year-old Disney alumna posted a truly adorable pic of her blond haired boy on Twitter earlier this month. In it, we see little Luca — now perhaps not so little as he turns 2 today — caught in a moment of thought and looking more grown up than ever. We see so much of his mother in him!

Credit: Hilary Duff on Instagram

To celebrate her son’s special day with her fans, Hilary posted a sweet stitched pic to Instagram today with the caption, “You make each day better and better Luca Cruz .... The brightest star.” Could this mother/son relationship get any cuter?

Hilary and Mike continue to reinforce their claims that they are moving forward with co-parenting their only child. They have decided to stay friends for now, according to a source close to the couple, and we admire their decision, for Luca’s sake. This just further reinforces the fact that our Lizzie McGuire is all grown, both physically and emotionally.

Source: Hilary Duff on Twitter