Credit: Instagram Photo: Miranda Kerr Clowns Around

Miranda Kerr obviously has an awesome body, but it didn’t happen overnight. Miranda’s logged the hours in the gym and eaten plenty of green foods that no one should ever be subjected to. And now, her three-year-old son, Flynn, is picking up on his mom’s good habits.

“The other day, he was like, ‘Mama, I want to make a smoothie,’” Miranda tells People. “He wanted to make his own smoothie, and then he said, ‘This one’s for you. It’s full of antioxidants.’ He’s three years old, how does he know that? He obviously heard me talking.”

And since Miranda takes ballet classes to help keep her in shape, Flynn’s discovered that he likes dancing for exercise, too. “We dance all the time. He loves it,” Miranda says. “It’s one of his favorite things.”

We’d imagine it’s not too hard to get fit with a little boy as adorable as Flynn at your side — and Miranda also credits her shoes, the Reebok Skyscrapers she’s a spokeswoman for — as making her workouts way easier.

“Being comfortable, enjoying the fabrics, it’s an important aspect of working out,” Miranda says. “One: It helps you get to the workout. Two: It inspires you to continue to work out. You need to be comfortable.”

And even when you can’t get to the workout, that’s no excuse. “When I’m in the car or on the airplane, I’ll do multiple muscle contractions,” Miranda shares. “Clench the butt. Clench the calf, just to get circulation going.”

Sitting down exercises? Sounds like our kind of day at the gym.

Source: People