Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC © 2013 AMC Network Entertainment LLC Photo: Which Mad Men Star Confessed to Owning a House With No Toilet?

Sorry, Peggy! Actor Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted Chaough on Mad Men, and his wife Amy Rahm are expecting their first child.

Kevin shared the news in this great tweet on April 5:

Isn't that cute? Their little girl may roll her eyes over it in a few years, but when she's a bit older she'll probably love it.

Kevin, 43, and cardio-thoracic surgeon Amy were married in 2012. In addition to Mad Men, you may know Kevin as Lee on Desperate Housewives or as Jack on I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Hopefully that title wasn't foreshadowing!

Check out Kevin's Twitter timeline if you want to see all the congrats and his responses. It looks like Baby Rahm is in for a fun ride.

Speaking of Mad Men, though, Season 7 premieres on April 13. When we last saw Kevin's Ted, he planned to move his family to California to launch a West Coast office, to distance himself from his mistress, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss).

It marked a win for Ted’s family and now Kevin has a win for his real-life clan too. Congrats, all around! And good luck in Season 7, Peggy.

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