Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If we had our pick on which celebrity kid we’re most jealous of, Willow Hart is definitely in the top five. Not only is this girl the progeny of badass Pink and her equally badass husband, motocross champion Carey Hart, she gets to enjoy all the perks of being the daughter of superstars. Her doting dad proved as much in his recent Instagram post!

Credit: Carey Hart on Instagram

“Yep, she likes to travel!!!” Carey captions a snap of his little girl chilling on an airplane. She’s got on her headphones (which are pink because obviously) and is munching away on some Cheerios and yogurt. While we don’t get to see Willow’s face in this pic, the angle does give us a mighty nice French braid to admire. Carey, your hair styling skills are coming along nicely.

Willow actually just celebrated her third birthday so maybe those bright pink headphones were a gift from Mom and Dad. Or perhaps Carey’s going to pick up a new bike for his little lady at the motocross show in Michigan he’s booked for on July 5 (the presumed destination of this particular bit of air travel). We already know she’s shown a knack for the track!

Wish Willow a belated happy birthday below!

Sources: Carey Hart on Instagram, Us Weekly

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