Credit: Bindi Irwin on Instagram

Now, you knew this day was coming sooner or later: The moment when Bindi Irwin grew up from that khaki-clad cutie to a young teenager in love. That’s right — rumor has it the late Steve Irwin’s daughter is dating someone! In fact, he’s eight years her senior and works in a zoo...

Credit: Bindi Irwin on Instagram

But before you get too excited, E! News recently confirmed that the rumors are not true. It turns out 16-year-old Bindi and 24-year-old Luke Reavley are just friends who go on shopping trips together and take adorable Instagram selfies. You know, friend stuff!

According to the Irwin family’s rep, "Luke Reavley is the Irwin Family's Executive Assistant and his relationship with the family started nine years ago when he gained employment at Australia Zoo. He is a dear family friend, but not Bindi's boyfriend. Bindi doesn't actually have a boyfriend."

Sigh. of. relief. We’re not sure if we’re ready to see little Bindi date just yet! But it turns out these two are actually super close. Bindi recently took to the social media sharing site to share a sweet birthday message to Luke on July 8.

“Wishing [Luke] a very happy was yesterday...but we were all celebrating and I forgot to let everyone know here on Instagram!” she captioned their selfie. “So happy birthday and thank you for being the greatest friend. #BlissfulAfternoons Have fun and see you soon!”

What’s even sweeter? Luke also sent Bindi an Insta-Happy Birthday wish on July 23. “Happy Birthday to one of the greatest friends!” he wrote. “I hope you have an amazing day and can't wait to see what the next year brings for you!”

So much friendship love, so little time! All in all, we’re happy to see that Bindi is surrounded by such close family and great friends.

Do you think Bindi would date someone eight years her senior? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: E! News