Credit: Beyonce on Tumblr

Beyoncé and Jay Z seem to be totally ignoring the constant flow of divorce rumors surrounding their six-year marriage. Why? Probably because Bey and Jay are too busy having family time, like racing indoor go-karts at K1 Speed in Torrence, California. Nothing says "bonding" like go-karts!

Credit: Beyonce on Tumblr

Queen Bey shared several snapshots on her Tumblr page, including one of her and Jay behind the wheels of their respective cars. Another shows Bey posing on the No. 1 spot of the winner’s podium (duh).

But the one photo that seriously tugged at our heartstrings was of Jay holding their 2-year-old Blue Ivy’s hand while walking on the race track. These father-and-daughter pics might just be our favorite kind of Bey photos. Just saying!

It seems like Beyoncé’s only response to those pesky divorce rumors is to post family photos, which makes us wonder: Is everything seriously OK with these two, or is this just a front to throw off the public?

So many questions! But for now, we’re going to continue believing that Bey and Jay have everything under control, and they’re just sticking to raising their daughter together.

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