Kristen Bell Forced to Do WHAT at the Oscars? Gross! (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

There’s a reason stars look unnaturally good at major awards shows: They take unnatural measures! Kristen Bell recently dished the dirt about her own glam look at this year’s Oscars.

She and hubby Dax Shepard attended the all-star event for her animated hit Frozen and Kristen says she channeled that elegantly chilly vibe for her night’s attire. Unfortunately, there was one major issue with her stunning Roberto Cavalli gown: She couldn’t take it off easily!

When nature called during the show, Kristen found herself between a rock and a hard place — either ruin her look by ripping it off or ruin her look because, um, well, you know.

“There was a situation,” she confessed during a recent stop by Live With Kelly & Michael. “There was a Mason jar involved.”

The audience, of course, gasped in disgusted horror —  Michael Strahan's face is priceless — to which Kirsten only said, “Like you guys haven’t peed into a Mason jar before!” Um… no comment.

The Oscars newbie says she didn’t realize she wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom until after she got into the form-fitting dress. It’s a mistake she’s vowed to never make again. So next year when, you know, she’s nominated for the Veronica Mars movie, expect Kristen in pants.

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