Christina Applegate Talks Cancer and 3-Year-Old’s Vegetarian Diet (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

When NBC’s Up All Night drew to a lackluster close in 2012 over “creative differences,” there was a Christina Applegate-shaped hole in our TV watching. The beautiful funny woman has a habit of popping up in our very favorite entertainment staples but where’s she been lately? Just getting her life back together after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Christina first received the scary news nearly six years ago. She had a double mastectomy within weeks of the diagnosis and was declared cancer-free. But the hard work was just beginning.

“I lost my mind,” the 42-year-old tells Entertainment Tonight about getting that initial diagnosis. “I still, sometimes, lose my mind six years later. You look down and you have a daily reminder of everything you’ve gone through.”

Christina was just 36 when she received her diagnosis and she tells ET early detection is the key. In her case, it was particularly important; Christina’s mother is also a breast cancer survivor and Christina has an inherited genetic trait, BRCA1, that can trigger breast cancer.

A mother herself to 3-year-old Sadie Grace, Christina says she worries about her daughter’s future health. “We’re a completely plant-based diet for her and organic,” says Christina, who’s vegetarian. “It’s because I want her to have the best chance possible.”

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