Talk about knowing how to keep a secret. Devon Sawa is expecting his first child, and the little baby is due in just over a month! "Devon Sawa and his wife are having a boy,” a rep for the actor tells E! Online. “The baby is due the first week of January."

First, congrats! Second, Devon Sawa was married? The Nikita actor — who played the human version of Caspar back in 1995 and also appeared in the Final Destination movies — was dating Bachelor Canada producer Dawni Sahanovitch back in November 2010. We can tell from Twitter that the two are still together, but we didn’t realize they’d secretly tied the knot.

Credit: Twitter

We’re not sure when Devon and Dawni got married, but considering that they managed to keep their baby news under wraps for eight entire months, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the couple had actually been married for quite a while.

(Sidenote: Wow. First Kerry Washington, then Jennifer Love Hewitt, now Devon. Is anyone in Hollywood actually going to tell people when they get married...and then pregnant...anymore?)

The first inkling we’d heard of Devon and Dawni’s baby news came when he posted a photo of an adorable little baby crib, complete with a stuffed animal and cute artwork, on his official Twitter page. “Arrived today. Room's almost done,” he tweeted on December 1.

We’re glad the couple’s made so much progress on their son’s room. After all, the little dude is due right after the holidays. The big day is almost here!

Source: E! Online