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That’s right, y’all. Mimi of Big Tips Texas officially has a bun in the oven! During the December 11 episode of MTV’s reality series centered around the best little redneck bar in Texas, the pint-sized blonde discovered that she’s about to have her own little mini Mimi.

Mimi is expecting her first child with boyfriend Colton Harkins. And though the news came as a big shock — many tears were shed on camera — these days Mimi couldn’t be more excited about her impending motherhood.

As soon as her big pregnancy news was announced on the show, Mimi took to Twitter to confirm it and to share the first-ever photo of her growing baby bump. “Surprise everyone!” she tweeted. The petite little lady already has a very sizable baby bump, and she added on Instagram that the photo show her at 22 weeks along.

Soon after, she even shared the couple’s chosen name for their coming baby. “@HarkinsColton and I are having a little girl named Annabelle Taylor Harkins,” she wrote.

Her boss at Redneck Heaven, Typhani, also shared the photo on Instagram, writing, “How freaking precious is @mimimtv and her mini me?! We can't wait to meet this little one.”

A number of her co-workers also tweeted their congrats. Claire wrote, “Well the news is out. @MiniMimiTV is having a little nugget!!” Kristyn added, “That's right. Our little baby @MiniMimiTV is pregnant.#bigtipstexas

As for her boyfriend, Colton, the dad-to-be couldn’t seem happier with how everything is turning out. A few days before the episode aired, he tweeted, “This woman @MiniMimiTV is everything to me so lucky to have a woman like her she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

After the episode, he shared an adorable picture of Mimi and her baby bump decorating the family Christmas tree. “Annabelle Taylor Harkins & @MiniMimiTV helping daddy put up the tree!!!!” he wrote.

Congratulations to Mimi and Colton on their big news! It’s just a hunch, but we’re willing to bet their little girl will be just as beautiful, spirited, and strong as her mother.

Source: Mimi on Twitter