Vanessa Carlton is celebrating some super happy news this week: She’s about to become a mom for the first time! The “A Thousand Miles” singer and her husband (and fellow musician) John McCauley are officially expecting their first baby.

Vanessa took to Facebook to make the announcement on Thursday, alongside a photo showing off her baby bump, to explain why her fifth album, Liberman, has been pushed back to next summer.

Credit: Facebook

“No, those aren’t a bunch of croissants. We’re expecting a baby,” Vanessa wrote. “It’s healthy and moving around like a champ. I’m bummed to delay the album because it’s so special to me and the perfect combination of England and Tennessee. When I put the record on it feels like medicine. I hope it does the same for you… in due time!”

While this will be Vanessa’s first child, this is not her first pregnancy. In late 2013, the 33-year-old suffered a fallopian pregnancy, which resulted in the removal of one of her fallopian tubes, causing her to cancel the beginning of her tour.

Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly this time around! Things look good so far, though, and we only wish Vanessa and John the best as they prepare to welcome their baby into the world.

Congratulations, Vanessa and John! Welcome to parenthood.

Source: Facebook