We have so many feels for Alyssa Milano’s recent baby bump selfie, and it’s all just too much to handle. The pregnant starlet recently took to Instagram to share an insanely adorable photo of Milo placing his ear on mommy’s belly.

#MomAndBaby are doing fine,” Alyssa captioned the snapshot. “Families everywhere should be able to say the same,” while linking off to the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Acting On The Call homepage.

Credit: Alyssa Milano on Instagram

The site urges users to help to put a stop to preventable child and maternal deaths in third-world countries, including Ethiopia and India. Thanks to girlfriend’s star power, over 12K users liked the photo and hopefully lent a hand to the cause!

The Mistresses actress — who often brings political awareness to her social media followers — announced in March that she was expecting a baby girl with husband, CAA agent David Bugliari. The couple welcomed their first child, Milo, back in 2011, and ever since then Alyssa has always wanted to expand her little family.

“I want to have another child, just because I want Milo to have a sibling and have someone to grow with,” Alyssa told People back in 2013. “My brother and I are so close, and I can’t imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship.”

Given how adorable Milo is with Alyssa’s baby bump, we’re sure come baby No. 2’s arrival, those two will definitely have a special brother-sister bond.