Celebs find all kinds of festive ways to announce the sex of their baby. Some have pink and blue cupcakes, for example. However, the ever-unpredictable Tila Tequila tried something a little different, celebrating some big baby news — she's having a girl! — by wearing a pink, lacy bra and panty set. Whatever works for you, girl!

Tila's 21-week baby bump is on full display in a blog post from yesterday announcing the discovery. And if you think she might be disappointed by the news — after all, just last month she said she "always wanted a baby boy" — don't you worry, because as it turns out, she was just psyching herself out. Maybe that other pink bra was prophetic?

Credit: TilaTequila.com Photo: Tila Tequila Announces Baby's Sex With Lingerie Photo

"For a long time I thought I wanted a baby boy, but that's because most of my family members wanted me to have a boy," she writes on TilaTequila.com. "However, deep, deep down inside of my heart I knew that I wanted a baby girl! I wanted a little mini-me so that when she grows up I could do everything with her!"

If the lingerie weren't enough, Tila also posed in a super-tiny, hot pink string bikini. We actually really dig those photos, which you can check out at UsMagazine.com — Tila isn't nearly as airbrushed as she usually is, and it's great to see her glowing and confident.

Tila first announced her pregnancy back in April — no, not April Fools — and Radar Online soon uncovered the baby's father, musician Thomas Paxton Whitaker. ("She's a strong but fragile woman," he said.) Unfortunately, the pair split soon after, and Tila tells Radar that they're currently in a stressful legal battle.

The former Playboy cybergirl doesn't seem too stressed about the prospect of single motherhood. "Since I will be raising her alone I think it's just perfect that I'm having a girl for my first child," she writes in yesterday's blog post. "I could tell her about Mommy's entire life and why it's so important to not make the same mistakes I made … my daughter will grow up to be a leader."

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